Template for characters and their stats. If no entry is given, default entries such as "None" or "Unknown" may be automatically entered as appropriate.


Paste the following into a character page and fill in the information as necessary. Unused parameters should be deleted.

<!-- Biological information -->
<!-- Associates -->
<!-- Name information -->
<!-- Actors -->
<!-- Miscellaneous -->

For more information, see below.


The |image parameter is for images. Type in only the file name (e.g. image.png) and not the full wiki code (e.g. [[File:image.png]]).


Some occupations have badge icons associated with them. To add them, enter the following in the |name parameter:

  • Prosecutor: [[File:prosbadge icon big.png|70px|link=Category:Prosecutors]]<br>[name]
  • Defense attorney: [[File:Aa5badge.png|70px|link=Category:Defense attorneys]]<br>[name]
  • Police officer: [[File:PoliceBadge.png|70px|link=Category:Police officers]]<br>[name]
  • Judge: [[File:JudgeBadge.png|70px|link=Category:Judges]]<br>[name]
  • Fey clan member: [[File:Magatama.png|70px|link=Fey clan]]<br>[name]

When filling in the Japanese name, please give the romanization in the Western style with the given name written before the family name.

The |alias parameter is for regular nicknames and aliases. For example, Larry Butz calls Franziska von Karma "Franzy" repeatedly as his "pet name" for her. However, Phoenix Wright once says to her: "Excuse me, princess!", and Godot calls her "Lady von Whippingberg" once. Both "Princess" and "Lady von Whippingberg" would go under "One-off nicknames", using the |aliastemp parameter.

The |gk2 parameter is used to identify characters exclusive to Gyakuten Kenji 2. Its purpose is to show the name of the character in Ace Attorney Investigations: Prosecutor's Path, the unofficial English fan patch for the game. Example:

|name=Sōta Sarushiro
|gk2=Simon Keyes

The row will only appear if something is entered into the field, otherwise it will be hidden.

Biological information

There are two fields for date of birth. The first field (|birthday) is for designated one- or two-year ranges based off of age records given in profiles in the court record or organizer. The purpose of this field is for people to be able to compare the ages of different characters who have not necessarily met. See Ace Attorney Wiki:Timeline for more details. The second, optional field (|birthday2) is for deducing the possible birthdays of a character, done by taking the profile ages at face value. Some characters have known birthdays in addition to birth years, or have birthdays during the course of a single game's timeline. Attempts to deduce a birthday for some characters lead to a contradiction.

The Age field is controlled by four parameters. Many characters have only one recorded age and thus only need the |age and |ageref parameters. Other characters have multiple recorded ages. In this case, |age and |ageref are used for the earliest recorded age (in the in-game chronology), while |age2 and |ageref2 are used for the latest recorded age. The purpose of |ageref and |ageref2 is to denote the game or episode in which the ages are recorded in the court record or organizer.

If |age is given but |ageref is not, then the reference will read "age at debut". This is a deprecated feature and it is preferable to specify a reference using |ageref. If |age is not given, then the Age field will simply read "Unknown". The full result is shown as:



age (ageref)


age (ageref) - age2 (ageref2)

The |status parameter is used to denote the last known status of the character, usually either Alive or Deceased. A date can also be specified (e.g. "Alive (2019)"), as well as whether the character has been arrested for a crime. Being convicted of murder can be useful information because such convictions often lead to a death penalty.

Height information is given in official guidebooks in centimeters. Originally, only the centimeter figures were used in this wiki's character pages, but calculated imperial measurements have since been added in. The |height parameter should be written as X' Y"; Z, where X denotes feet, Y denotes inches, and Z denotes centimeters.


The |debut parameter is for entering the episode in which the character debuted.

The |theme parameter is for the character theme. Please note that, in general, the title of the character theme should explicitly refer to the character, or the theme must play every time the player encounters him/her.

Deprecated parameters

In existing character pages, you may see parameters that are not mentioned or listed above. The template is made so that these parameters still work, but it is preferable not to use them on new character pages. Currently, the only working deprecated parameter is |death, which enters "Deceased (|death)" into the "Last known status" field.

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